Hot Tubbin’ Bees

Well, it finally got out of hand. The girls seemed to be becoming more and more enamored with my hot tub, to the point where they were practically covering it. They were sneaking in under the lid and every time I opened it up, there would be a half dozen or so floating or paddling for their dear little lives. So many had died in there and gotten stuck in the filter, that it was starting to turn the water funky. Or so I thought.

I opened up the tub to empty it, but with the top wide open, it seemd the whole hive decided it was time to go for a dip, just take a look at the picture to the left. So many were falling in while I waited that I had to stand by the side of the tub with a stick, plucking out bee after bee while the water drained, like that helicopter rescue of Air Florida Flight 90.

Anyway, I got it drained and cleaned and refilled and, wouldn’t you know it, problem solved! Suddenly, they’re not hanging around anymore. Apparently, it’s not the warm water they’re interested in but the slightly funky warm water of hundred bathed bodies. The girls have a taste for human soup! I thought I was being very careful about keeping the tub water clean, it was always clear and I’d deal quickly if there was any scent, but I guess I’ll just need to be even more so.

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