Of medicine and hot tubs

I mixed up some medicine to treat the girls’ Nosema tonight. 1 tsp Fumigilin-B to 1 c. cool water, then mixed that into a gallon of sugar syrup, and that into 1 qt mason jars. I’m a bit worried, though, that if I just put the sugar syrup in the top feeder I’ve been using, they won’t find it. For certain sure, Hive 2 won’t, they don’t go anywhere near their top chamber, which is chock full of honey, and Hive 1 seems content to stick to their bottom chamber, as well. Perhaps a call to Beez Neez is in order. I’ll put it up top before I leave for work tomorrow and see what happens. If they haven’t touched it by the weekend, I’ll see about switching to a front feeder.

The bees have been very odd around the hot tub, lately. Every time I get in or out during the day (which, I’m pleased to say, is quite often), there are always six or seven of them hovering around, eager to land on the edge and dip their little probiscuses (probisci?) into the condensation around the edge. It’s dry for a while, but it’s Seattle, after all, so not that dry. They always liked to drink from the edge of the tub, but I don’t remember them being quite so excited as they are about it now. Well, I won’t get too worried until I see them start to sport little gold chains and talk about swinging.

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