Spring cleaning

Did a quick exterior check today. I noticed that Hive 1 has a big build-up of a dry sandy mix of garbage that they’re moving out. It looks like a mixture of pollen, wax, mold and the like that they’re cleaning out of the cells in preparation for the spring brood. Good to see they’re back on track after I let them live in a swampy mess for the winter.

I gave ’em a bit of a hand, too. I moved the entrance reducer block and used a stick to sweep out the garbage that was building up behind it. I imagined myself a cleaning wonder to them: what would have taken them all day to clean, I swept out in a moment! All hail wonderful Jordan! Bzzzzz!

I didn’t end up putting the Nosema syrup on the hives, after all, but it looks like it’s clearing up on its own, so I may just leave well enough alone.

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