Beekeeping Museum

I found these beautiful pictures from the Prokopovych Beekeeping Museum in Kyiv, Ukraine.  Each of the photos below are actual functional bee hives.  The entrance to the hive on the left, for example, is through the guard’s mouth.  Same goes for the mouths of the two in the center.

Lots more amazing pictures of these hives over at John’s Beekeeping Notebook.

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  1. Hi Kelley! Thanks for the shout out! I signed a few cioeps of the bee book for the fine folks at Union Ave. Books, as well as the other three books in my “Homemade Living” book series, should anyone like an autographed copy. Biscuit Fest was a blast, and I am SO enamored of your fair city. We’re just a stone’s throw away, in Asheville, NC. It would be an absolute joy to do something with HGTV sometime, whether that’s bee-related or otherwise!

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