Ginger Ale

Back in early July, I got a recipe for home made ginger ale from my neighbor, Lesli. I finally got to try it out, and it’s absolutely delicious. I made two bottles, one as described in the original recipe, and one substituting honey for sugar (this site recommends using 7/8ths cup honey in place of 1 cup sugar, as honey is a bit sweeter than cane sugar. I used about 3/4 of a cup of honey.)


House 005There was one, teeny, tiny problem, however. The ginger ale got very, very carbonated, and I grew a little impatient cracking the cap, letting a bit of air out, then quickly resealing it before it fizzed over. I thought to myself, “hey, what’s a little fizz over between friends,” so I carried it over to the sink and opened it all the way.

Big mistake.

Have you seen that awesome video of the guys playing with Diet Coke and Mentos? OK, well it was like that, except in my kitchen instead of outside, I wasn’t wearing goggles, and there was shredded ginger in it.

Michelle and I had a nice chuckle, then spent the next half hour or so mopping the ceiling.

And drinking honey ginger ale.

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