Wax and Comb

Beekeeping 2458Went out this afternoon to see if my strategy of coating the plastic frames with beeswax would encourage the girls to build them out with comb. Mixed results. It definitely worked in the sense that they have started to build up comb in the areas that I spread wax (I was a bit uneven in my application, and their comb building is similarly mottled), but they didn’t build sufficiently to fill with honey (see the photo to the right). Ah well, must be too late in the season for them. I’ve got what I’ve got and that’s what I’ve got. A good year, still.

On another note, Michelle and I took our niece Lauren out to Restaurant Zoe in Belltown tonight and had the most amazing meal. Our friend Nathan is a server there, and his knowledge and love for food and wine is vast and bottomless, so we pushed aside the menus and put ourselves into his able hands for the evening. I’m not a foodie, so I can’t tell you about the braised this and heirloom thats with a classic reduction of whosawhatsa like he can, but I can tell you that the Stilton cheese with honeycomb at the end was absolutely, brainmeltingly good. Highly recommend. For reals.

That’s it for me for a little while. Off to Burning Man tomorrow morning. Owoo!

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