Pan et Oursons

We delight at each touch of honey on our travels. At Musee D’Orsay in Paris, for example, we found this beautiful sculpture , “Pan et oursons” by Emmanuel Fremiet. It shows the god Pan putting out honeycomb for two bear cubs and watching on mischievously.

The mischievous look on his face is rendered more meaningful when you notice that he’s lying on a bearskin rug.

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The next day, we stopped at a market in Dupleix in Paris (see our Travel Blog for where this is and the adventures around it) and found an apiarist selling his honey. We spoke with him only in our broken French, but you can see the details of his apiary in one of the photos I shot. We asked for a taste (“nous voudrions une goute de vos miel” I think I said) and he dipped taster spoons into a huge bucket and then popped them right into our mouths.

The first batch tasted like good honey, nothing special, but the second, darker honey had an amazing and unique flavor, I wish I knew what the bees were on that made it. It tasted meaty and earthy, almost like mushrooms.

I gave him a Hive Mind sticker as a thank you.

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