Honeycomb Vase

09_22_honeycomb_190honeycomb vaseThe New York Times’ year end magazine special “The Year in Ideas” is always full of treats, and this year is no exception. For obvious reasons, my favorite is The Honeycomb Vase. Using similar principles to my honeycomb sculpture and the belljar honeycomb, Tomáš Gabzdil Libertiny, a Slovakian product designer, created this beautiful flower vase out of honeycomb. Instead of putting an object into the hive and letting the bees build around it, Libertiny created a vase-shaped negative space and let them build into it.

Apparently, as a bonus, the anti-bacterial properties of beeswax help keep flowers fresher longer. On the downside, the vase is not watertight.

More photos of the vase at the Studio Libertiny web site.

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