Back on the (bee) horse

Just put in my order for two packages of Italian bees, due in April 16th . Prices are up, $104 + tax each for four pounders, marked queens.

On advice from comments, I did some poking for Russian bees, which are said to be more resistant to mites than the Italians, but opted against because of mixed reports on their propensity to sting. Wikipedia says they are not prone to sting, but Jim at Beez Neez say they are more likely than the Italians to do so. Granted, he may have an interest in steering me towards the Italians (which he stocks) than towards the Russians (which he does not), but I try to live my life trusting people the way I hope they trust me. I’d rather be tricked than suspicious (this does not apply to deposed bureaucrats from Nigeria who need help moving their money abroad).

In other news, I’ll be giving a short talk on beekeeping at a product launch event for Jackson Fish Market, the curiously named software design shop founded by the Cooperman-Smith-Lam power-trio. The timing is interesting, as it’s right around when the new packages should arrive, so there’s a chance I can bring some live bees in for show-and-tell. Barring that, I’ll bring some of the various honeys I collected while traveling Europe for tasting.

Stop by if you’re in the ‘hood, April 22nd.

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