Wrong Way Follow-up

Alyssa gave me on update on the results of yesterday’s debacle:

Well, this morning I went and found them just as we left them, all nestled into the nooks and crannies of the ivy and ornamental wall. after explaining to them as nicely as I could WHY they should move into the nice box, complete with honey and drawn comb, they flat-out refused and rebutted with animated buzzing. So I resorted to trying to grab them, first by the fistful, then using a garden trowel, and drop them into the box. No real luck. So I left them for a while. When I left they were pissed, and all over the place.

Came back a few hours later, repeated the futile efforts of earlier (Pavlov was wrong!), the results were no different. Maybe they were more annoyed, hard to tell….
At about 1:00 I got a call from the neighbor who’s house they were squatting near that they had swarmed again and were heading South. I drove around and tried to find them…… no such luck. The girls are just plain gone….. sad.

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