Hive Mind Halloween 2002

Here are the on-line pictures that I know about from the party.  If you’ve got some up I can add a link to, please let me know:

You might have noticed all the video cameras strewn about the party.  Some folks from MSR are trying to figure out better ways to tell stories, so they gathered 20 or so people’s pictures and the videos and are playing with it now, annotating the pictures, cutting the video and what have you.  Downside is that it could be a few months before they’re ready to show anything, but upside is it should be pretty cool when they do. I’ll send mail when they do.

When:  Saturday, October 26th, 2002, 9pm
Where: 4065 4th Ave NE, Seattle
Who: You, your friends

As always, we supply DJs, beer, booze, Faluminous Flowers™, alien abductions, Walk-Up Aquarium™, dancing, groovin’. You come in costume and good cheer.To keep the size manageable, we ask that you not forward this invitation broadly.  Bring yourself and your own friends, and let’s just us have a good time.