Hive Mind Halloween 2004

When: Saturday, October 30th, 2004, 9 pm
Where:  4065 4th Ave NE, Seattle
What: By Invitation Halloween Costume Party

Hive Mind invites you to our tenth annual Halloween Party, where you will be at the mercy of the elemental forces of the heavens. Lightning will shock you, the Drunken Tornado will toss you, and the DJ’s thunder will shake you to your bones.  But when you think you can take no more, fear not, for you can always take refuge in the Shelter of Cumulus Delight.

Important Note: This is a private party hosted by Jordan, Shelly, Julie, and Rob! It has been getting too big the past couple of years, so please do not forward this invitation.  It was sent to you personally.  Bring your friends with you. We will have large men working the door, so if the house is too crowded, late arrivals not accompanied by someone on the invitation list will be turned away or perhaps fed to trolls..Also new this year will be a very reasonably priced, quality liquor cash bar run by the fabulous Space Virgins, from which 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Theatre Babylon, a small Seattle theater company with a focus on new works.

Pictures from this year are starting to come.  Please send me a link to yours: