Hive Mind Halloween 2007

When: Saturday, Oct 27th, 2007, 9 pm – late
Where:Youngstown Cultural Arts Center
4408 Delridge Way SW, (West) Seattle (map)
What:Halloween Party, Costumes Required
21+ w/ID, $15 at the door

Hive Mind Halloween 2007 was a smashing success. Close to 1,000 mutants joined the fun and we raised over $13,000 for Room to Read and Youngstown. Enormous thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put it on! You guys are AWESOME!

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Welcome Mutants! Hive Mind Halloween 2007 proudly hosts the class reunion for Xavier’s School for Mutant Youngsters, the academy of the X-Men.

Attendees will register at the Mutant Registration Photo Booth and dance to the beats of Seattle’s finest DJ’s and live bands in Cerebro and the Mutant Drop Out Room. Worn out? Enjoy quality liquor and beer in the Bub Pub and the Danger Room or relax and shed your powers in the Savage Land Chill Room. Mutants will be offered battle training, humans can join the Human Resistance Movement and everyone can jump into the story in the Giant Comic Strip. Kapow! Munchies will be provided by Hallava Falafel! Visuals by Killing Frenzy Visuals. Mobile game by Waggle Labs.

Come find out how your classmates turned out: heros, villains or regular mutant freaks. Tickets are $15 at the door (no presale).

CerebroMutant Drop Out
Genvay Fav (Funktastic Progressive House)  
Brannon (Glitch Breaks)
DJ? Whatever (Epic Mashups)
Recess (Progressive Beats)
Baz (PsyTrance)
DJ Muchacho (Hip Hop)
WD4D (Hip Hop / Deep Down House)
Beehive (Live PA)
Fauxfaux vs. Sweet Chris Bell (Eclectic Electro vs. Breaks)
DJ Vital

All profits will be split between Room to Read, building schools, providing scholarships and more for girls in Nepal, Laos, and other countries, and Youngstown, providing arts education to underprivileged youth and a home for arts education and environmental organizations. Last year, we raised enough money to fund an entire school in Nepal! Read about it on the Hive Mind Halloween 2006 web site.

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