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Why “Hive-Mind”?  A hive mind is the emergent property of apparent sentience that arises from the behaviors of a colony of individuals. Just as your neurons, without individual intelligence, interact as a unit to become a brain, so one can view a hive of bees or a colony of ants interacting as a unit to become a mind.  The whole has behaviors, memories and characteristics that could not be predicted by studying an individual.

OK, cool, but why choose it as a domain name? Well, I kept bees and was fascinated by their behaviors at the same time that the World Wide Web was breaking into public consciousness.  Partly in response to the writings of Kevin Kelly, a founder of Wired magazine as well as publisher and editor of the Whole Earth Review, I became entranced with the idea that the behaviors of the individuals in a society, on a planet or on a network, might interact as a whole to exhibit behaviors that were beyond the ken of parts.