Healthy Brood!

It’s been just under a month since we got the hives started and they’re thriving! We popped ’em open to make sure the queens were laying and just take a look at all that healthy brood. We were a bit worried about those horizontal lines of brood-free cells, until Julie noticed that’s where the infrastructure wire ran through the foundation wax. A shame those perfectly good cells are going to waste, but otherwise, nice, thick distribution. Those bullet-shaped cells you can see in the close-up are drones. Not too many of them, though.

Hive 2 seems like they’re off to a slow start, but is much more aggressive. We’ll see…

Interesting fact: the ratio of workers to drones in a bee hive is 1.618, or Phi. It’s the same as the ratio of your total height to the distance from your belly button to your toes, which is the same as the ratio of the diameters of each subsequent row of seeds in a sunflower. The Golden Ratio makin’ me some golden honey!