Beauty and the Bee

The New York Times Magazine had a beautiful set of bee-themed fashion photos today. I couldn’t find an on-line version, so I snapped a few pictures with my camera, below.


I love the New York Times photography. It’s so much more than just illustrations for the article. Each shot is a work of art in itself, often telling bits of the story better than the supporting text could. Take this picture of the swearing in of Russia’s new President and Putin puppet, Dmitri Medvedev. A thousand words indeed.

In terms of my art, I’ve started to plan my next bee-hive sculpture. Last year, you may remember, I put a bride and groom into the hives and let the bees do their work (below).

Beekeeping 2303 Bee Scuplture 036

So my question now is, what next? What smallish object or objects would look good entombed / enshrined in comb and honey? Suggestions sought.

I also got an inquiry today on whether I’d be interested in selling the sculpture above. Hadn’t thought explicitly about selling it, but it’s a nice compliment (and, as they, everything’s for sale if the price is right).