Happy Keeping

May 10, 2007

Got this nice note from Alyssa (you may remember I gave her a tour of my hives and pointed her in the right direction for starting her own):

who knew larvae could be so thrilling!  i went out to check on the 
bees today (after reading enough books that i think i actually knew 
what i was looking for) and i was totally giddy, literally jumping up 
and down (which, granted, i always do when i get excited, which is 
why myles used to call me thumper, which everyone thought had a much 
more lascivious root,) at the sight of little larvae all snuggled up 
in their gooey beds!  and a completely full pattern of capped off 
little larvae hotels, enjoying the darkness before growth.  (i 
couldn’t help but picture japanese business men in their micro 
hotels, which seemed creepy and insect like, but it’s cute when 
they’re my bees.

and there was a bit of extra comb piled up where there was too much 
space between the frames, so we broke it off and all shared it, 
licking the honey off our our fingers.  such sweet temptation, 
insisting in patience……  but celia was overjoyed at eating our 
own honey – however immature.
a very good bee day indeed.

Left me with a happy grin.

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