Lord, I was born a travelin’ man

August 17, 2007

spainIt’s all official. After 11 years at Microsoft, I’ll be taking a little break and heading out on an extended vacation before joining up with a smaller company or startin’ my own gig.

My little break will involve traveling about Europe from October through December with Michelle, where we’ll be poking our heads in here and there and seeing what kind of trouble we can get into. We plan to stay at least a month in Barcelona, and hope to spend a bit of time Portugal, Morocco and France as well. If there happen to be any beekeepers in those necks of the woods who wouldn’t mind giving us a tour of their apiary, we’d love to see how things work on the other side of the pond. Oh heck, any kind souls of any kind, beekeeping or otherwise.

And Michelle has just informed me that if there are any beekeepers or other kind souls reading this in Europe, they may  be unfamiliar with the idiom “neck of the woods”. It means…over there. I guess.

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