Plastic Follow Up

August 8, 2007

Lots of good comments in response to yesterday’s post on plastics, thank you all!

Quick round-up:

  • Plastic is evil: So I’m learning.
  • Bees often don’t draw new comb in late summer: I don’t much feel like working August, either, so I can’t see as how I blame them.
  • I didn’t pop the communication holes out: Take a look at the picture from yesterday’s post and you’ll notice the bees have made holes in the corner of the wax frames they use as hallways. They can’t chew the plastic away so I need to do this by hand for the plastic frames.

I think Treeplanter is right that my plastic frames weren’t wax coated, so if I get a chance to go in over the weekend and they still haven’t started to draw the plastic, I’ll try painting some melted beeswax on the way I did the bee-collaborative sculptures and see if that helps. I just hate the idea of losing a month’s worth of productivity out of them!

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