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March 8, 2007

I came across an article today on “Beekeeping in the Digital Age“. Of course, I was tickled at the first line:

The first beekeeping home page I can remember was put up by a graduate student named Jordan Schwartz at the University of Washington.

It’s true.  When I put up my first web page back in 1994, 1995, there were only a handful of web pages that addressed beekeeping, and there was no single page that linked to them all (and of course, this is back when Sergey and Larry were just meeting as undergraduates and Yahoo’s URL was  So, naturally, I called my page “The Beekeeper’s Home Page”.  Accurate, complete.

As years passed, and the Internet grew, my little list of links didn’t do the name justice, so I renamed it “Beekeeper’s Reference”, and in the last year or two, most of the energy I’ve put into the site has gone into this little blog.

I don’t know where I’m going with this, exactly.  It’s just nice to have a little “back in the day” moment every once in a while, I guess

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