December 6, 2005

The numbers are in and this year was a bumper crop. This year’s honey harvest weighed in at 190 lbs, filling a bit over 3 five gallon buckets. That, my friend, is a lot of honey.

What am I going to do with all that honey you may ask? Well, obviously I’ll put a lot of it in pint jars and give to friends and family (yes, you can have one, remind me next time you see me if I don’t have one in my hand for you), but I had another idea, as well. My friend Scott Simpson recently opened a restaurant (The Jones) with Jason Jones, a sous chef for The Herbfarm, one of the jewels of the Pacific Northwest. Michelle and I had drinks and appetizers there last week and the food was out of hand phenomenal, I had to stop chewing to just let the waves of pleasure wash subside.

Anyway, Scott said that if I brought him some honey, he’d put it on the menu. So I got to thinking how cool it would be to ask Jason to come up with a dish or dishes that week that would showcase the honey, then get a group of folks together and have dinner there, and enjoy the fruits of the girls’ labor. I dropped Scott and e-mail to see what he thought. I’m excited.

Sorry I don’t have more of a story about the honey harvest itself. Unlike last year, when Julie harvested it herself, this year I just dropped it off with Terry Beedle and had him take care of it for me. Terry’s quite a character, and I had the opportunity to bend a piece of rebar with my neck the same way Julie did last year, but otherwise the adventure was uneventful. Drive to Duvall, drop off boxes, drive back next day, pick up lots of honey and boxes of empty comb.

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