Herman Miller Honey

November 20, 2005

From Inhabitat, I learned that Herman Miller, the makers of those cool-ass chairs, also make honey. Well, I don’t think they secrete it and store it in wax themselves, but they have bees do the work for them. Apparently, they opened some ultra-eco factory, planted a bunch of flowers and gave some tours to the gaping masses, when a bunch of paper wasps (who we hate), showed up and started making trouble. After a quick consult with an environmental specialist, Herman Miller brought in 12 hives of bees and set them up around their factory. The flowers began blooming bum hard and the wasps found their food source stolen out from under them by the prodigous girls. As a side benefit, they end up harvesting something like 5,000 lbs of honey a year. And a bunch of cool-ass chairs.

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